Why Vote No

We are being asked to rubber stamp the OMA’s proposed PSA deal – a deal that should be unacceptable to Ontario doctors.

The draft agreement was secretly negotiated on the basis of a broken promise that the OMA would never give up our powerful binding arbitration process. Sadly, they did.

Signing the OMA’s draft deal also means that we accept a $200 million permanent fee cut, while underfunding of patient care from 2015 remains unaddressed. As you know, codes that were cut (like E078) are necessary for the provision of high quality patient care.

The OMA’s highly ambiguous deal is open-ended, and has too many unknowns. No analysis of the short-term and long-term impact is available to help doctors decide the value of the PSA. Increased bureaucratic intervention in the doctor-patient relationship will undermines care. The agreement also hands over power to yet-to-be-named committees and bureaucrats.

Don’t sign away your future with an incomplete, “fill-in-the-blank” contract.

We urge Ontario Doctors to vote NO to the OMA’s draft PSA.

Instead, we wish to work together to seek a better agreement. One that is formed in the respectful environment of an open and accountable process. And in a process that accepts binding arbitration as a prerequisite.

Doctors do not have to accept fee cuts, and underfunding of patient care in critical areas. Let’s start by rejecting the OMA’s draft PSA.

Coalition of Ontario Doctors
145 King St. W, Suite 2750
Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J8