logoWhy It is Important to Support the Coalition

The Coalition of Ontario Doctors is a voluntary organization composed of a cross-section of OMA Sections and medical associations concerned about the fair representation of Ontario doctors and their patients in what has become a challenging and difficult environment.

The Coalition was born out of the necessity of responding to a tentative Physician Services Agreement imposed on doctors without consultation or consideration for what it would do to the profession’s ability to deliver high quality patient care. With the defeat of the tPSA, the Coalition is continuing to advance the needs of all doctors by raising the difficult questions and issues that the OMA has not disclosed to its members. It is demanding greater accountability, transparency and a new way of representing all doctors in a fair way. Likewise, it is calling on the provincial government to recognise that binding arbitration is an essential part of the physician-MOH negotiation process.

There is a minimum $100.00 fee to become a member of the Coalition of Ontario Doctors.

The Coalition’s success is attributed to the involvement of known and trusted physician leaders in all branches of medicine; the engagement of top notch professional advisors as required who provide independent and strategic advice, and front-line doctors who look to the Coalition to provide a balanced, moderating voice capable of protecting their interests as medical professionals.

Every member of the Coalition physician and physician advisor leadership team is a volunteer.

The Coalition needs to continue to engage a mix of professional advisors who have already proven to be instrumental in securing change. To retain these experts we need financial assistance from Ontario doctors who are prepared to make donations on a voluntary basis.

  • ADVOCACY & EQUAL REPRESENTATION: The Coalition of Ontario Doctors provides a voice for all doctors throughout the province. Our mandate is to advocate and provide equal representation for community, academic family doctors and specialists
  • CHANGE: Help change the imbalance and re-establish a collaborative relationship between the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ontario Government
  • YOUR VOICE: Opportunity for all to Ontario doctors to have their say. Invest in your future. Invest in your career.
  • PATIENT CARE: Improved health care for Ontario patients. We believe that the government and the OMA must develop a physician services agreement that is good for patients, protects and improves patient access to care, is fair to doctors, and provides funding for these services.
  • EXPERT ADVICE: The Coalition’s work is aided by expert advice from Canada’s most experienced corporate and constitutional lawyers, economists and healthcare consultants.

Coalition of Ontario Doctors
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