Who We Are

We are a Coalition representing thousands of OMA community and academic family doctors and specialists from across Ontario that stood up to the OMA and the Wynne government on August 14, 2016, and rejected a deeply flawed tentative Physician Services Agreement (TPSA).

As front-line doctors, we believe that the government and the OMA must develop a physician services agreement that is good for patients, protects and improves patient access to care, is fair to doctors, and provides funding for these services.

The Coalition created the opportunity for all OMA members to have their say on the TPSA at the August 14th general members’ meeting. The results of this vote have laid the groundwork for renewal of the OMA and a re-set of the relationship with government; based on equality and respect.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to facilitate renewal of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) to achieve more effective advocacy for patient care, responsiveness to membership and process transparency and accountability.

We aim to re-establish physicians as respected leaders and patient care champions by re-establishing a collaborative relationship as equals with the Ontario government.

We Are:


Dr. James Swan                     OMA Section on Cardiology

Dr. Charles Peniston             OMA Section on Cardio-Vascular Surgery

Dr. Chris Giorshev                 OMA Section on Chronic Pain

Dr. David Jacobs                    OMA Section on Diagnostic Imaging

Dr. Michael Murray              OMA Section on Emergency Medicine

Dr. Christian Rabbat             OMA Section on Nephrology

Dr. Sean Symons                    OMA Section on Neuroradiology

Dr. Keith Meloff                      OMA Section on Neurology

Dr. David Hacker                   OMA Section on Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery

Dr. David Adam                      Dermatology Association of Ontario

Dr. Michael Murray                Emergency Physicians of Ontario

Dr. James Swan                       Ontario Association of Cardiologists

Dr. Christian Rabbat               Ontario Association of Nephrologists

Dr. Christopher O’Brien          Ontario Association of Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Mark Prieditis                    Ontario Association of Radiologists

Coalition of Ontario Doctors
145 King St. W, Suite 2750
Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J8