Voting in person at the August 14 General Meeting

Many physicians have asked us about how to vote in person at the Sunday, August 14 General Meeting in Toronto.

If you plan on attending the meeting, there are some important details to note in advance:

Note the following:

  • The meeting will be held at the Allstream Centre, 105 Princes’ Boulevard, Toronto.
  • Registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the meeting will commence at 12:00 p.m.
  • Only members of the OMA who are in good standing or duly appointed proxyholders are entitled to attend the meeting.
    • If you have been appointed as a proxyholder the proxies that have been assigned to you will be given to you when you register.
  • In order to verify your OMA membership and your identity at registration, you will need to provide your OMA Member # along with TWO valid pieces of government-issued ID
  • If you do not vote beforehand and plan to vote at the meeting, make sure you have the new control number you received via from Computershare handy when registering. This will ensure a smooth process for you to receive your ballot to vote.
  • Your control number was sent to you by email from Computershare (check your spam folder) or by mail in the bottom left hand corner of the proxy form.  If you cannot find your number and need assistance please call 1-888-518-6805.

See the image below for help finding your control number:

proxy 2

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