Statement: Time for Renewal at the OMA


The resounding rejection of the Physician Services Agreement—one which was vigorously championed by the leadership of the OMA at considerable cost—requires a change in the composition of the committees responsible for its negotiation. We are respectful of the actions of the OMA leadership to date, however, the results of the vote make it mandatory for new leadership to accomplish the goals of the membership.

To this end, the Coalition of Ontario Doctors today wrote to the Directors of the OMA to respectfully request that they initiate the dissolution of the Negotiations Committee and Negotiations Advisory Committee.

The Coalition expressed its concern that the OMA leadership continues to ignore the will of its members by advocating for a similar agreement, a similar relationship with government, and a similar vision for the future of the profession. The majority of OMA members on August 14, 2016, rejected these three items. The letter highlights concern with the OMA communications strategy which is unfair, unbalanced, and designed to support decisions made in secret by the Executive Committee. In some instances, these decisions appear to be withheld from the Directors of the OMA.

In addition to the negotiating committees, further governance changes within the OMA are needed immediately to restore the trust that has been lost between the membership and the leadership of the OMA. If successful, we will be able to preserve patient access to care and make the government responsible and accountable for the cost of delivering health care in Ontario while unifying and reenergizing the profession.


The Coalition of Ontario Doctors

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