Unprecedented Loss of Confidence Motion in OMA Executive Passed

OMA Knowingly Misleads Doctors and Public about Leadership Crisis


For the first time in OMA history, Council has passed a resolution declaring it has lost confidence in the OMA Executive Committee by a 55% vote. Despite that, an OMA communication released immediately after the meeting knowingly lied about Council members who had expressed a clear non-confidence motion against the Executive. In the opening sentence of the OMA news release it shockingly stated, “doctors in Ontario affirmed their confidence in the elected leaders of the OMA”.

The OMA’s untruthful statement following the non-confidence motion is inexcusable. It further erodes an already abysmal level of confidence that doctors have in the credibility of the OMA’s current leaders, who have repeatedly refused to step down.

The OMA Executive have over-stayed their welcome despite the:

  • 63% rejection of a grossly flawed tPSA endorsed by this Executive
  • 3 Court decisions against their deliberate efforts to thwart a fair PSA vote
  • 5% of doctors do not trust the OMA leadership’s handling of issues post-PSA
  • 84% of doctors have no confidence in OMA leadership’s ability to negotiate a satisfactory agreement with the MOH
  • 73% of the membership who felt the OMA President & Executive should resign
  • Hundreds of emails and calls from grassroots doctors to resign

Even though specific confidence resolutions calling for the removal of the Executive members did not obtain the necessary 2/3 vote, it is striking they garnered such strong support. Fully 50% of Council members voted to remove OMA President Virginia Walley. On what basis does she feel she empowered to lead when the governing body has lost faith in her? The message of dissatisfaction was unmistakeable yet none of the Executive members had the courage to do the honourable thing and resign. The resolutions were put forward by a small group of Council members who were concerned about the current leadership crisis at the OMA.

The OMA Executive’s failure to do the right thing and the manipulation of the facts has fulfilled what Superior Court Justice Paul Perrell warned about last summer when he called the OMA’s “sneaky” actions as leading to an OMA “governance meltdown”. It is clear that the meltdown has now occurred with this abject failure to provide sterling leadership when it is most needed. The OMA Executive has become a lame duck devoid of credibility and rank-and-file support.

On every key leadership metric, the OMA Executive has failed to act. This includes failing to:

  1. Prepare a Binding Arbitration framework as required in the PSA resolution’s binding motion supported by over 90% of doctors and as committed to by the OMA president.
  2. Update members about the status of its Charter Challenge.
  3. Release its secret April 2016 agreement with the MOH even though Hoskins says it should be made public.
  4. Produce any form of a credible job action plan despite all their bluster.
  5. Engage a new legal firm without a major conflict of interest that compromises members.

The Coalition of Ontario Doctors and Concerned Ontario Doctors are once again calling on members of the OMA Executive to resign to make way for the necessary changes and to engage other physician leaders and organisations so that a binding arbitration framework can be put in place to permit a respectful negotiation to occur with the Ontario government.  Ontario’s doctors need a fair dispute mechanism to put an end to this Liberal government’s reckless cuts to Ontario’s healthcare system – their cuts and mismanagement continue to undermine the ability of Ontario physicians to deliver timely and quality care to their patients.

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