I’m a proxyholder – What do I do?

Attention all Coalition Appointees (Proxyholders):

Please review the steps below pertaining to the general procedures to be followed by appointed proxyholders to the OMA General Meeting at 12 Noon (Toronto time) on Sunday, August 14, 2016.

1.       Properly identify yourself to Computershare Investor Services Inc. (official tabulator) at the Registration table with valid identification such as a driver’s license and OMA membership card. Indicate that you have been appointed to vote proxies at the  Meeting. 

2.       Computershare will search for your name on the official appointee list and provide you with a ballot to cast the appointed votes.  Ensure they check all version of your name (ie if just your initial was used). The ballot will indicate the total number of aggregated votes appointed to you to be voted and the voting dispositions.  Sign and date the ballot before returning it to Computershare at the Registration table.

3.       You may receive a separate ballot that does not indicate voting dispositions and therefore you have been appointed to vote with full discretion. In this case, mark off the voting dispositions (YES/NO/YES) to the corresponding resolutions and sign and date the ballot before returning it to the transfer agent at the Registration table.

4.       If new motions for “other business” at the Meeting is brought upon the floor, Computershare will provide ballots or the Chair of the Meeting may decide to do a show of hands.  Either way it is important that as an appointed proxyholder you stay for the duration of the Meeting so that you can cast your vote on the “other business” and have it counted.

It is IMPORTANT that as an appointed proxyholder you MUST attend the meeting to ensure that the ballots appointed to you are voted and therefore counted by Computershare.  If you do not attend the meeting the appointed votes does NOT default to the management appointed proxyholders and consequently the appointed votes will not be cast and not counted in the official tabulation.

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