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List of Resolutions for Petition

Section 15-2 of the OMA bylaws provides that if 5 percent of members sign a petition requesting a general member meeting, the OMA Board has to respond. Council’s powers in respect of the matters designated in the petition are suspended until after such a meeting is held. A general meeting is the only way members can ensure that the Board follows the will of the OMA’s members. As an OMA member, this is your right.

Sign the petition below and be among the thousands of physicians who insist that the OMA leadership finally respond to the demands of OMA members and act in the best interests of the organization.


  1. The current members of the OMA Executive Committee, including but not limited to Dr. Virginia Walley and Dr. Stephen Chris, should resign from the Board of Directors and from their offices, effective immediately.
  2. The Board of Directors should amend the by-laws of the Corporation to provide for the direct election of the President-Elect by the members of the Corporation.
  3. The OMA shall immediately terminate the review of the circumstances surrounding the tentative Physician Services Agreement (tPSA) that is being conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and instead appoint a retired judge of the Ontario Court of Appeal or the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to conduct an independent review of the OMA’s conduct and handling of matters relating to the negotiation and entering into the tPSA and relating to the events leading up to and including the August 14, 2016 General Meeting of Members.
  4. The OMA shall immediately disclose to all OMA members:
    • a) the April 6, 2016 Confidential Agreement between the OMA and the Ministry of Health to all OMA members;
    • b) all evidence served by or on behalf of the OMA in its Charter challenge litigation; and
    • c) the costs incurred to date by the OMA in connection with its Charter challenge litigation.
  5. The OMA should immediately cease the collection of dues from Ontario physicians who are not OMA members and/or shall refund dues to any Ontario physician who ceases to be a member of the OMA.
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