In 4 months there will be an Ontario provincial election.
Ontario urgently needs change.

Under Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government, health care funding fails to meet patient needs. Wait times for surgeries, important diagnostic tests and to see a specialist have surged under Wynne. Wait lists are impacting too many people and their quality of life.

There is a major shortage of family doctors. At least 800,000 Ontarians don’t have a family doctor. Ontario has the fewest hospital beds and nurses per capita in Canada.

Liberal solutions for health care are more bureaucracy, more waste and more cuts to frontline patient care.

Ontario’s health care system has fallen behind. Let’s move forward. A vote for Kathleen Wynne is a step in the wrong direction.

We urge you to share this message with your colleagues, patients, family and friends.

Coalition of Ontario Doctors
145 King St. W, Suite 2750
Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J8